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What type of payment methods can my customers uses?

Wednesday, 18 March 2015 | Views: 8216

LiveParcels supports all payment gateways that is compatible with Ubercart. In other words, you can install any Ubercart compatible payment modules or develop your own if those payment methods we have pre-installed does not meet your needs.

Ubercart comes with various popular payment gateway by default, e.g. Paypal, 2Checkout, and CyberSource. These payment methods are installed but not enabled. Obviously, you need to have an account with these services before you can configure and use these payment gateway for your LiveParcels web site.

Ubercart also comes with COD payment method and we have configured this payment method to be used for postpaid customer, so that a corresponding payment policy message can be shown at checkout. As an administrator, you can edit this COD policy message by clicking Store in the administration menu, click Payment methods under Configuration, then click settings link for COD.

In addition, we have installed and enabled uc_bank_transfer and a customized version of userpoints_ubercart. uc_bank_transfer allows you to specify a bank account and payment information at the checkout and invoices. By default, we have configured this payment method to be used for prepaid customer when they are purchasing credits. userpoints_ubercart allows you to sell virtual currencies, labelled credit by default, so that your prepaid customers can use it to pay for their orders.

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