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What customer types are supported?

Tuesday, 17 March 2015 | Views: 7926

LiveParcels is designed to allow you to have 3 types of customers.

1) Prepaid

Similar to prepaid mobile phone, prepaid customers need to put credit into their account first before they can place orders.

To purchase credits, click on the "Pre-paid credit" link on the Catalog block, click the Add to cart button for the top-up option you want, update the cart with the amount of credit you want (1 Qty = $1) and then click Checkout to complete the purchase. By default, the administrator will need to approve your purchase before the credit is applied to the customer's account.

By default, there is only one top-up option to choose from, that is 1 Qty = $1 credit. The administrator can edit/create other top-up options such as $100 credit for $80 dollars for each quantity sold.

2) Postpaid

Similar to postpaid mobile phone, postpaid customers will be billed at the end of the billing period as per their contract with the supplier.

Unlike prepaid, LiveParcels do not provide billing facilities for postpaid customers. However, the administrator can view/export the order history of any postpaid customers on the system. Using this information, the courier company administrator can bill the postpaid customer accordingly.

To view/export the list of parcels that a specific customer have ordered, login as administrator, click the LiveParcels link in the administration menu, click Customers' parcels under Reports. On the Customers' parcels page, enter the username of the customer you are looking for, select the dates you would like to see and click the Apply button. To export the information you see on the screen, click the CSV button on the left bottom corner of the page and you will download a csv export of the information that you can use on any spreadsheet software.

3) Cash

Similar to postpaid account, cash account operates similarly except the driver is expected to collect the fee in cash for the delivery at the time of pickup. To facilitate the driver, LiveParcels will automatically add a note in the pickup notes field to remind the driver that he/she needs to pickup cash payment for that parcel.

4) Online payment

Similar to cash accounts, some customers/couriers may find it easier and more convenient for them to collect payment upfront when customer is placing orders, this is especially useful for those customers who only want to place an order occasionally and are not interested to sign up for a pre/postpaid account.

In order to allow your customers to complete one-off purchase, you need to enable and configure online payment methods that can be approved immediately. Paypal and credit card are the best example of such payment methods.

By default, we do not enable these payment methods because most courier companies cannot afford to pay the transaction fees these services charge. LiveParcels supports Ubercart's various payment gateway by default and they are installed but not enabled, e.g. Paypal, 2Checkout, and CyberSource. Obviously, you need to have an account with these services before you can configure and use these payment gateway for your LiveParcels web site.

By default, the administrator account you are provided may not have the permission to configure this. Even if you do, it is best that you contact us for advise or to check if the configuration you have made is correct. Unless you are familiar with Ubercart, you may have trouble figuring out how to configure this correctly, so that this payment option only shows up for the user roles you would like to see these payment methods during checkout, e.g. anonymous/authenticated users.

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