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How to put my company logo on the site and app?

Thursday, 09 July 2015 | Views: 1316

Site logo

Login as administrator to your LiveParcels site. Click Appearance link in the administrator menu at the top of the page. Under Bartik (default theme) -> click Settings -> Under LOGO IMAGE SETTINGS, upload a png/jpg image, e.g. logo_site.png -> Click Save Configuration. Do the same step above for the Responsive Bartik theme, this theme is used on mobile browser whereas Bartik is used for desktop/computer browser.

Site favicon

To change the favicon of your site, do the same step as above for logo and simply upload your favicon.ico under the SHORTCUT ICON SETTINGS.

Mobile app logo

Login to the site using ftp. You should see the demo logo under the /files folder, logo.png. Simply replace this logo image with your own high resolution logo with approximate resolution of 384x384.

Note: the logo image must be called logo.png in order for the our mobile app to display it on the mobile. Otherwise, our default logo will be used.

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