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How to process undefined orders?

Friday, 20 March 2015 | Views: 1415

Undefined orders refers to orders for pickup/delivery to destinations that the LiveParcels system cannot calculate because the price is not entered into the system.

After your customer have placed an order with undefined parcel price, you will receive the same order e-mail notifications as normal orders. In other words, there is no special notifications for undefined orders. If you open the order and check the details, you will see the parcels with undefined price will have its shipping fee set to $0. $0 means the shipping fee is undefined.

As an administrator, if you receive such order, that means you need to manually provide a quotation for that parcel order. After you have open the parcel tracking page with $0 shipping fee, click the edit tab, enter the pricing and click Save. After pricing is entered, the customer who place this parcel order will immediately receive e-mail notifications asking them to login to the web site to confirm the order.

When the customer login to confirm the order, a new order will be created and the administrator will receive the order notification via e-mail, so the administrator can make arrangement to pickup the parcel.

For the administrator, other than following the link in the e-mail notifications, administrator can also find the list of undefined orders by clicking LiveParcels in the administration menu -> Price undefined orders.

Note: By default, undefined orders that is not confirmed by the customer within 3 days will be cancelled.

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