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How to place an order to pickup/deliver a parcel?

Monday, 16 March 2015 | Views: 4397

For normal orders

  1. From the home page, click the link for Quote and book page.
  2. Select the service you requires, i.e. Deliver one or more items or Pickup one or more items. Deliver one or more items means you want to ask the courier company to come to your place to pickup one or more parcels and deliver them. Pickup one or more items means you want to ask the courier company to pickup parcels from one or more addresses you have entered and deliver them to you.
  3. The selection above will affect what you see in the subsequent form, i.e. by providing a single pick-up address to enter when you choose Deliver one or more items or a single delivery address to enter when you choose Pickup one or more items.
  4. Enter the Pickup (Delivery) postcode and the physical properties of the parcels, including the Destination (Pickup) postcode.
  5. If you have more than one identical item to Pickup (Deliver) to the same postcode, click the Duplicate button. If the details for the additional item to Pickup (Deliver) are not identical, click the Add new button.
  6. When you are done, click the Update button, so the system can calculate the pricing.
  7. If you are happy with the pricing you see, click the checkout button to proceed with the order. If the physical properties of the parcels entered are incorrect, press the Modify button.
  8. By default, login is required when you checkout. If you did not login when you click checkout, you will be prompted to login.
  9. At the checkout page, you will be required to enter the complete pickup and delivery address for all your parcels.
  10. You will also need to select the pick-up date and shift (am/pm) that the parcels will be ready for collection at the pickup address.
  11. You may enter your own internal reference code into the customer reference field, so you can use this reference code as search keyword when trying to locate this parcel.
  12. If there are additional information that would assist the courier company during the pickup/delivery process, enter them in the pickup/delivery notes.
  13. If you agree with the courier company's terms and conditions of carriage, tick the box for the terms and conditions and press the Review order button.
  14. At the review order page, check if the pricing is correct and click Submit order button if everything is correct. Otherwise, click Back button to return to the checkout page, so you can edit the information you have entered.
  15. After order is submitted, if you check your e-mail, you should receive a notification for your order. The courier company will also receive an e-mail notification for the order you have placed too.
  16. You should now be on the page that says "Order complete". Click on the "view your current order status" link and you will see the details of this order.
  17. On the order details page, you will see a table at the bottom listing all the parcels you have ordered. If you click the print button, you will open the label page where you will be able to click the print button to print it. You are expected to stick this label page on the parcel because the courier driver will need it.

For orders to pickup cash on your behalf

When you select "Pickup one or more items", you will be provided with a "cash to collect" field when you go through checkout. The purpose of this field is to allow you to ask the courier company to help you to collect cash and bring it back to you along with the parcel collected.

For undefined orders

i.e. orders for pickup/delivery to destinations that the system cannot calculate because the price is not entered into the system

  1. On the Quote and book page, if you have entered a pickup and delivery postcode combination that the courier company have not provided pricing information, you will see the pricing will becomes ?? after you click the Update button and you will also see a message in red appears at the top of the page. This means the pricing for the pickup and delivery postcode combination you have entered is undefined.
  2. If you would still like to get a quotation for the parcel you have entered, please continue to complete the checkout process.
  3. After checkout process is completed, both you, the customer and the courier company will receive notifications.
  4. The courier company will review your order and entered a price for the undefined order you have placed.
  5. After price is entered for your undefined order, you, the customer will receive an e-mail notification, asking you to login to the web site to review the price.
  6. There are two ways you can see the price the courier company have entered. a) Click on the link for your parcel in the e-mail notification link sent to you. b) After you login to the web site, click on My account -> Undefined tab
  7. If you are happy with the price provided, click My account -> Undefined tab, select the parcel you want to confirm and then click Create new order button.
  8. You will be presented with the checkout page again pre-filled with all the details you have previously entered, so you can check and reconfirm the details for the order.
  9. If everything is fine, you can submit this order and the order will be processed similarly to normal orders.

Note: By default, undefined orders that is not confirmed by the customer within 3 days will be cancelled.

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