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How to create different credit top-up options?

Friday, 20 March 2015 | Views: 1356

Create new top-up option

To create new top-up option, e.g. 100 credits for $80 or any other combinations, click Content at the administrator menu -> Add content link -> Credit link.

For name field, put something that your customer can easily understand what it is for, e.g. 100 credits for $80. You can leave description blank because your customers won't see the contents inside description unless they click the top-up option. Under catalog, you need to select Pre-paid credit, or else this new option won't show up in the Pre-paid credit catalog. You must put something in the SKU for identification purpose and most importantly, the sell price you want your customer to pay for the credits. You also need to untick "Product is shippable." When you are done, click Save and continue button.

After the page have refresh, you will see a clickable button labelled Features on the top right side of your screen, click it. Under Add new features, select Credits and click add. On the next page, enter the Number of credits points in the "Number of credits points" field, select Default credits Product Category under Product Category and click Save feature button.

Edit existing top-up options

To see the list of top-up options your site has, click Store at the administrator menu -> View products under Products. Click on the product, i.e. top-up option you want to modify and then click the edit button.

Note: the liveparcels product in the list is necessary for LiveParcels to function correctly. Please leave it as it is.

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