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How to configure customer discounts?

Friday, 20 March 2015 | Views: 1302

LiveParcels allow you to set a discount for specific user and user role.

To set the discount rate for a specific user or user role, click LiveParcels at the administration menu -> Discount settings under Settings.

To set a discount rate for a specific role, enter the discount rate for that role. To set a discount rate for a specific user, enter the username, the discount rate and then click the Add User button.

If you have several tier of pricing for the same customer type, we would advise you to create a new user role for each price tier, so that you can use the role based discount and set the same discount rate for everyone in that price tier. By default, the administrator account you are provided do not have the permission to create new user roles. If you would like to create new user roles, please submit a ticket with information on how you intend to use this role, so we can create and configure this for you.

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