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How to allocate driver to pickup parcels automatically?

Friday, 20 March 2015 | Views: 1399

It is possible to automatically allocate parcels to specific driver automatically, allowing you to save time. Automatic driver allocation assumes that the customer always order pickup from a specific location that is covered by a specific driver. This functionality may cause problems if your customer uses both pickup and delivery service because all the parcels ordered by this customer will be automatically assigned to the same driver. You can get around this limitation by providing two separate accounts for your customer, one used only for pickup service and another used only for delivery service.

To do that, you have to pre-assign driver to your customer. You can configure this by setting the Driver allocated field in the user's profile.

To access the user profile of a specific customer, click People at the administration menu -> edit for the user profile you want to modify. Under Driver allocated, select the driver you want to pre-assign to this customer from the drop-down menu.

As an administrator, you can also access the user profile by clicking on the user's name and then click the edit tab.

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